Potassium nutrition

 What is the content and distribution of potassium in corps?

Potassium is the highest content metal element in higher plants. The content of potassium(K2O) in plants is generally 1-5%. It exists in the sap of the cell in ions form or is absorbed on protoplasm.

 What are the nutritional functions of potassium?

1, Potassium is an activator of many enzymes;

2, Potassium can promote photosynthesis;

3, Potassium can promote nitrogen metabolism;

4, Potassium can increase crop resistance to disease and lodging.

 What are the common potassium fertilizer?

Potassium sulfate, potassium chloride, potassium nitrate,potassium phosphate, plant ash etc.

 What are the typical symptoms of potassium deficiency?

1, The plant growth is slow and short;

2, The stems are tender and easy to lodge, and the crop resistance to drought and cold resistance decreases.

3, When the plant lack of potassium seriously, the old leaves are chlorosis and necrosis, other leaves are dull dark green.